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Season 3 of New Girl is now available on our gallery on screencaps and episode stills😀 Enjoy!

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Season 2 of New Girl is now available on our gallery on screencaps and episode stills😀 Enjoy!

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Television Series > [2011-201?] New Girl > Season 2

Soon to premiere on FOX, New Girl last season, Season 7 first episode, will broadcast May 15th. The first look pictures include a baby girl, which we previously shared, but we now bring you the first promotional pictures:

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Television Series > [2011-201?] New Girl > Promotional Pictures > Season 7

Season 1 of New Girl is now available on our gallery on screencaps and episode stills 😀 Enjoy!

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Television Series > [2011-201?] New Girl > Season 1


New Girl‘s obsolete title will regain some relevancy when the Fox comedy returns with its seventh and final season next year.

When we reunite with the gang (following a four-year time jump) Schmidt and Cece will be doting over their now-3 year old daughter, Ruth — although, technically, pops will be doing more of the doting.

With Cece’s career taking off, “Schmidt is a stay-at-home-dad now,” shares portrayer Max Greenfield. “He really enjoys being a dad. He’s also a control freak and he wants to control the environment — because the environment’s gotta be right. He’s sort of like, ‘I think it’d just be better if I was here.’”

Greenfield assures fans that parenthood hasn’t completely softened his alter ego. “The writers have done a really good job of keeping enough of Schmidt while letting you see see that [Ruth] is his entire world.”

New Girl’s eight-episode farewell season will bow on Fox in winter/spring.