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Season 1 of New Girl is now available on our gallery on screencaps and episode stills 😀 Enjoy!

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New Girl‘s obsolete title will regain some relevancy when the Fox comedy returns with its seventh and final season next year.

When we reunite with the gang (following a four-year time jump) Schmidt and Cece will be doting over their now-3 year old daughter, Ruth — although, technically, pops will be doing more of the doting.

With Cece’s career taking off, “Schmidt is a stay-at-home-dad now,” shares portrayer Max Greenfield. “He really enjoys being a dad. He’s also a control freak and he wants to control the environment — because the environment’s gotta be right. He’s sort of like, ‘I think it’d just be better if I was here.’”

Greenfield assures fans that parenthood hasn’t completely softened his alter ego. “The writers have done a really good job of keeping enough of Schmidt while letting you see see that [Ruth] is his entire world.”

New Girl’s eight-episode farewell season will bow on Fox in winter/spring.

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Added Hannah’s screencaps from ‘Miss India America’ to our gallery ! Check them out:

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Hannah was on yesterday’s episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers and she talked about her new show Kicking & Screaming, how she wanted to double check her contract to confirm that she was hosting the show and not competing! How she created her own hazmat suit too and her first days on the set. Her amazing personality showed through so much. Check out the pictures we could find and her interview down below!

As posted two days ago, Hannah discussed her new project ‘Kicking & Screaming‘ at the Build Series on Monday the 20th. She also spoke about Cece and Schmidt’s relationship in New Girl and much more. I added to the gallery all the pictures I could get my hands on. Also, here are some videos of her interview.

Hannah was seen outside the AOL Build building yesterday on which she attended. Hopefully I’ll add the pictures from the AOL Build! Meanwhile, check these pictures down below.

On March 16th, Hannah Simone and Maksim Chmerkovskiy celebrated Swiffer’s 18th Birthday. I added these appearance pictures to our gallery (sorry about the delay). Check them out down below!

Hannah will join AOL. Build Series, today at 5pm EDT

“New Girl” star, Hannah Simone, stops by to discuss her new role as host of Fox’s new competition show, “Kicking & Screaming.” The show teams 10 expert survivalists with pampered partners in Fiji’s jungle where they must overcome dangerous animals, raging rivers, hunger and extreme weather in an effort to win $500,000. Simone also comes to brief us on where Cece Parekh is headed in this season of “New Girl.”

Hannah was one of the guests from this March 7th of ‘Access Hollywood Live‘ where she talked about her new project Kicking and Screaming! You can find the screencaptures of this interview on our gallery using the gallery link below! If you wish to watch it, you can find it on this link.

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